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Gossamer Networks

"Gossamer Networks was engaged by Nancy Swartz of TUL Designs at two widely diverse properties, to perform three distinctly separate functions.  At the first property, Gossamer, (as an Expect Mitel Partner), was hired to replace a service contract from a vendor that was canceled for cause at a 1200 room hotel. Nancy assessed the technology needs and current condition at the hotel.  Gossamer validated Nancy’s detailed design and submitted a service contract including service level agreements.  Nancy’s design also identified elements that were critical to the operation of the property that were included into our agreement as well.


At the second property, Nancy again provided Gossamer with a detailed assessment of the needs of the hotel and asked Gossamer to submit a bid for the replacement of the existing PBX that was at the end of life and for the wiring installation to support the planned WiFi network.  Nancy’s assessment was complete so there were no change orders necessary, allowing Gossamer Networks to bring the project in on time and on budget. I attribute much of both installations success to the streamlined process that the TUL Designs team sets in place at the beginning of each project as well as the added benefit of Nancy and/or TUL Designs team staying on-site during both installations. This allowed us to communicate swiftly. Them being physically present to make immediate real time decisions made it easy for Gossamer to do the job as intended by ownership. More companies should take on this business model for capital improvements.

As stated previously, Gossamer has worked on many hotels with many different on site technology professionals.  Nancy’s knowledge and expertise in the industry ranks her at the top of her field."

— Greg Gillette, President and COO, Gossamer Networks

Gossamer Networks is a technology services company with a reputation of providing hotel and business customers with genuine concern and a commitment to service that exceeds their expectations. Gossamer Networks is one of Mitel’s largest Hospitality partners and is ranked as “Hospitality Experts” by Mitel, a title that can only be achieved by completing rigorous training requirements at the Engineering and Installation level, as well as meeting a substantial sales target of number of systems installed as well as required revenue goals.” 

Gossamer Networks has installed over 30 Hospitality systems into various Marriott brands throughout the United States.  In this group of Marriott projects about one-third also entailed the build-out of voice and data infrastructure for to accommodate the new PBX systems as well as high-speed internet connectivity. To say that Gossamer is very familiar with Marriott and their brand standards would be an understatement.

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