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SOS Security

"As SOS Security grew as a company, I felt it necessary to bring in a consultant group to lend us some insight on maintaining consistent branding and design throughout our network office locations and new acquisitions. TUL Designs was recommended to me from a trusted associate who described them as thorough, responsive and cost effective. I tasked Katie Roberts and her team to devise a plan based on the question: “How do we clearly align our brand throughout our networks - especially with new acquisitions?”I was impressed from the start with the in-depth questionnaire the TUL team requested SOS to complete prior to meeting. It became clear that the group wanted to gain an accurate understanding of who we are as a company, how we work, and where we want to go in the future. Time management is vital in my line of business so I appreciate the homework TUL did prior to our first meeting. Their method allowed for an effective meeting where a clear outline of SOS’s needs was created in a mere 45 minutes. TUL’s final report was just what I was looking for. They supplied SOS Security with a multi-phase plan laying out various options organized by levels of difficulty of implementation and cost. The end result was an easy to follow “A,B, or C” tiered plan to implement throughout office locations based on the needs per location, to maintain consistent brand recognition. The TUL designs group has a varied skill set ranging from interior design, construction & material knowledge, project management coordination, branding, and technology. I would recommend TUL Designs’ services and look forward to working with them again as new projects develop."

— Edward B. Silverman, CPP, CIPM, Chairman and CEO, SOS Security, Parsippany, NJ

SOS Security provides security for a vast array of industries that include telecommunication, utility, pharmaceutical, entertainment, financial, government, special services, healthcare and education, among others.

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