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About Us

TUL Designs consists of a small group of dedicated professionals specializing in commercial and hospitality capital enhancement projects with a specific focus in design, renovation, technology and implementation from an asset manager’s perspective.

When we partner with a client, our mindset is that of an asset manager. We take on assignments related but not limited to interior & exterior design services, renovation, project management and technology upgrades of existing properties. We provide clients with experienced counsel, unbounded creativity, and dedicated leadership, with a foundation based firmly on fiscal responsibility for each project.

Our Team

Katie Roberts

Owner, Lead Designer

I have worked in the interior design business for thirteen years. I saw a need for a more "hands on" approach in regard to the project management side of hospitality capital projects and opened TUL Designs in 2012. I have strived to create a team that is talented, diverse, and proficient in all aspects of hotel operations. I attribute much of TUL Designs' success to maintaining a high level of communication between my team, property ownership, staff members, vendors, and construction crews in order to properly coordinate and implement the goal before us.

Clayton Beaumont

Director of Graphic Design and Branding

I have been working in the graphic design field since 2011. My focus work is in branding for retail, restaurants, hotels, and commercial buildings; architectural floor and electrical plans, and 3D rendering for interior and exterior design. Interior design, restaurant and commercial property operations, and renovation and construction practices have all become fields with which I am now well-acquainted since joining TUL Designs.

Nancy Swartz

Director of Technology

I've been immersed in the growth of technology and how to implement it for public use for 20+ years. Branching out into private consulting for technology planning/installations in hospitality properties has led me to where I am today. The pairing of professionals in various fields is what makes TUL Designs a unique competitor in the field of design and renovation that I am proud to be a part of.

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