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RB Marks Construction, Inc.

"RB Marks was contracted by TUL designs for the build-out of a new structure within an existing lobby. We had to devise a plan to build the new bar, tie in needed plumbing and electrical from back of house areas, and do it all while the lobby was operating. This was indeed a unique project. To say Katie and her team impressed us would be an understatement. At the start, we were sceptical with the concept of a company that incorporated design, planning coordination, implementation, and overseeing of the work. It is an unorthodox business model that we had not come in contact with in the past. Once I got to know the TUL team, a lightbulb went off. Each member has their specialty while also knowledgeable of the others’ craft due to working so closely together. I attribute the project’s overwhelming success to TUL partnering with a seasoned GC (of course!) and their “all encompassing” approach to the project. This made for easy communication between parties. It eliminated the normal “multi-tiered levels” of involved parties we are used to, allowing for timely decision making to keep the project on track. All of our crew agreed that the Katie and her team’s collective knowledge of construction practices was refreshing. The end result was a beautiful wine bar in the lobby that looked like it was made to be there all along, not a later addition. TUL is much more than your average design firm."

— Mark Zaremskas, CEO & Project Manager, RB Marks Construction, Inc., Winter Springs, FL

RB Marks Construction is a full service general contractor offering services ranging from construction management, design/build, and general contracting with a wide array of experience in building projects such as industrial, restaurants, hospitality renovations, education, shopping centers/retail, and commercial office buildings.

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