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Worldwide Fiber Optics, Inc.

"World Wide fiber Optics Inc. is  pleased to provide a recommendation for Nancy Swartz of TUL Designs. TUL Designs is a collaborative, industry savvy, and vigilant team of asset managers/consultants in the standards of performance for various disciplines.  They are unwilling to compromise quality or guest experience, principles that align perfectly with those of WWFO.  They are reasonable and rational in adverse circumstances and provided WWFO a exceptional work experience that could have proven untenable with less  seasoned partners. They understand the importance of a collaborative effort between vendor and the project management team/owner's representative. Nancy Swartz was always on-site with the WWFO team so there was no grey area of interpretation on the installers part when a question or issue arose. I have never come in contact with a consultant/asset management team that is as knowledgable about the intricacies of a project of this magnitude. At the conclusion of a two year hotel project that included miles of fiber and copper placement, conduit clearing, network planning, MDF design, benchmark testing and project documentation, my team and I agree that the TUL team (Nancy Swartz, Katie Roberts, and Clayton Beaumont) has created a successful business model that any commercial property owner should count themselves lucky to work with."

— Ron Becker, VP -World wide fiber Optics Inc., Oakland, FL

World Wide Fiber Optics Inc. is a multi-discipline communications organization, providing cradle to grave infrastructure including high bandwidth point-to-point connections,  private fiber campus networks, hardware acquisition and placement and audit/break/fix in the  hospitality, tourism and government sectors.  

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