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TermNet Merchant Services, Inc.

"When TermNet moved it’s offices to a building in need of technology upgrades, I knew just the consultant to reach out to in order to get a plan of action in place. Having previously met Nancy Swartz socially, I knew a little about what she offered as far as consultant services in the field of technology. To say that my understanding of her skill set was only “the tip of the iceberg” would be an understatement! Nancy planned, budgeted, and oversaw our wifi and network installation project. She took the time to educate us on not only how the project needed to be structured (security was key due to the nature of our business)  but took the time to simplify technical verbiage for all staff members that consider themselves “tech challenged”. This institutional knowledge that she careful explained to the team verbally and in guides she created in addition to training classes on the systems and equipment to our IT staff was invaluable."

— T.C. Roberts, CFO, TermNet Merchant Services, Inc., Atlanta, GA



Termnet Merchant Services Inc. is a credit card processing company offering varied services to restaurant, healthcare, e-commerce, and retail customers.

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